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Robbery suspect arrested

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suspectBoca Raton, FL - Investigators from the Boca Raton Police Services Department made an arrest in connection to an unarmed robbery that occurred early Thursday morning. According to the female victim, she pulled into the Mobil gas station located at 198 West Yamato Road to put air in her tire, and was confronted by a man who asked if she was using the pump to fill her low tire. After answering the man, she entered the store to get change for the air pump. The victim said the male suspect followed her into the store and back out to the air pump. She added that she knelt down to put air in her tire and placed her wallet on the ground next to her. The male grabbed her wallet and jumped into his car in an attempt to flee. The victim ran after the suspect, opened the front door to his car and after a brief struggle, was able to get her wallet back. The victim then ran into the store to call the police as the suspect fled.

About an hour earlier, officers responded to a residence at 7200 NW 2nd Avenue. The caller said that when he let his dog out, it was alerted by an unknown man on the side of his house. When the resident confronted him, he said he was looking for pills. The resident asked the man for his name and was told his name was Niko and provided his cell phone number for the resident upon request. The resident wrote it down and went back into the house. As he looked in the window, he saw Niko entering the car of a neighbor. When he confronted him again, Niko apologized and ran off.

Investigators were able to link the two incidents to the same suspect and use the cell number to identify Nicolas Koliopoulos, who resides at 6850 NW 2nd Ave #35 in Boca Raton. Investigators located a green car matching the description given by the victim from the Mobil station. Investigators used security camera video from the Mobil station to confirm that Koliopoulos was at the air pump and inside the store near the victim. The video also shows the victim running back inside to call police.

Nicholas Koliopoulos was charged with Grand Theft and with Robbery by force, violence, assault, or putting in fear. Anyone with any information about this case is asked to Contact Detective Suarez at 561- 620-6146.