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Two men stripped of their Rolex watches


Boca Raton, FL – Two men visiting from Michigan say someone slipped something in their drink and then stole their Rolex watches.  It all started the evening of Monday, March 22nd when Michael Marcial and his uncle Kelly Marcial visited the bar at Ocean's 234 in Deerfield Beach.  Both men were in town overseeing a landscaping job for a client.

The two say they had a few drinks but got into an altercation with unidentified patrons at the bar.  That's when the owner asked them to leave.  An unidentified woman, who Kelly Marcial had briefly spoken to, followed them out of the bar and back to their condo at 3000 South Ocean Blvd. While they did not invite the woman back to their apartment, they reported that they did not stop her from entering.  Michael Marcial says the woman told him she was a nurse and checked a scratch on his back.  He said she also made him a drink and put in a DVD and sat on the couch.  Both men claim that's the last thing they remember before passing out.

When they woke up, both men claim that their Rolex watches were missing and so was the unidentified woman.  Officers spoke with the owner of Ocean's 234 who said there was a large crowd on hand Monday night, some of which were strippers from the local area.

Both men describe the woman as in her late 20's early 30's, heavier set, wearing black stretch pants and a ponytail.  One of the missing Rolex watches was a black Daytona model with a leather band and metal buckle.  The border of the face is white gold and the face itself is black with small diamonds.  He valued it at $30,000.  The other watch, that he let his uncle wear, is described as a silver, stainless steel Datejust Oyster Band, with a gold bezel.  This case is still under investigation.  Anyone with any information is asked to call Det. Yvette Ortiz at 561-620-6118.