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Two teenagers charged with six auto burglaries

Boca Raton, FL – On Tuesday, April 16, at about 2:30 in the morning, a Boca Raton Police officer was on routine patrol in the area of 5500 Jog Road when he saw two subjects walking on the sidewalk. As the officer passed them, he watched as one subject left the sidewalk and appeared to drop something next to a light pole. The subject repeated the behavior at the next light pole.

The officer turned around and stopped to speak to the two subjects. As the officer approached them, he realized that they appeared to be juveniles. The officer asked if they were okay and if they needed help. The males, identified as 17 year old Kendrick King and 13 year old David Gamali, said they lived in a group home in Ft. Lauderdale and had come to Boca to go to the mall, but got stranded when they missed the last bus. They told the officer they were out past curfew and were probably reported as missing.

King was carrying a backpack and allowed officers to search it. Inside, officers found a wallet, several gift cards, and an iPhone. Officers found a Prada purse, Florida driver’s license, several credit/debit cards, and social security cards. They also found a set of car keys, several gift cards and a bracelet scattered between the two light poles. Gamali was in possession of a phone, cash, and a Woodfield Country Club identification card. Officers made contact with the owners of the two identification cards and discovered both were victims of cars burglaries.

Officers arrested King and Gamali and charged both with burglary to an auto and grand theft. Detectives interviewed King and Gamali. Gamali refused to speak with them. King told detectives they went into the Hamptons of Woodfield Country Club and rifled through many unlocked cars looking for property. Detectives charged both with five additional burglaries to automobiles. Further charges may be forthcoming.


king    gamali

Kendrick King              David Gamali
17 years old                 13 years old
Ft. Lauderdale, FL       Ft. Lauderdale, FL