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Two men arrested for stealing storm shutters

Boca Raton, FL – On Thursday, January 9 at about 12:20 p.m., Boca Raton Police officers responded to a report of a theft of storm shutters from a residence in the 3800 block of NW 4th Court.

A neighbor told police she noticed a white pickup truck going slowly down NW 4th Court, turn down NW 3rd Court, where it stopped several times. As the witness watched, two males got out of the truck and walked up to a house and removed several hurricane shutters that were leaning against the house. As the neighbor called police to report the crime, the suspects put the aluminum shutters in the back of their truck and drove off.

Responding officers located the vehicle about a mile away and stopped it. Officers made contact with the driver, Kenneth Hawkins, and passenger, Andrew Rozier. Both suspects told officers they were in Boca Raton to collect scrap from local businesses. They added that they were driving through the residential area when they saw the shutters leaning against a home so they decided to take them. The witness identified the two suspects as the men she observed taking the shutters.

Officers arrested and charged both with burglary to a residence, which includes offenses committed in the area immediately around the home.


hawkins    rozier

Kenneth Hawkins      Andrew Rozier
DOB 10/20/1956       DOB 06/26/1981
Pompano Beach        Pompano Beach