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Boca Raton Police Tac Team catches suspicious duo

with stolen items


Boca Raton, FL – While conducting directed patrol, officers of the Boca Raton Police Services TAC Team observed two males walking down West Camino Real.  Officers observed one of the males walk up a driveway at 731 West Camino Real and look into the window of a parked car.


The two then flagged down a taxi and were dropped off at the gas station at 299 West Camino Real, where they began soliciting people for money from area parking lots. The two were then stopped for a pedestrian violation.  While talking to the two subjects, officers learned that Matthew Noll had outstanding warrants for DUI in Orlando and a Probation Violation out of Palm Beach County. 


Noll also gave conflicting accounts to officers as to why he was looking in the window of the car.  A search of Noll’s black bag produced a GPS and sunglasses. Noll said he found the GPS, but a check of the GPS home button alerted officers to a house where the owner had reported her car broken into the night before.  While searching Noll subsequent to his arrest, officers found several pills later identified at Alprazolam and Clonazepam, to which Noll didn’t have a prescription.


The other suspect, identified as Chad Buccheri, told police that Noll gave him two cell phones and a coach wallet that were stolen from cars parked at a rehab facility, where the two had been receiving treatment.  Officers verified that the phones belonged to another person living at the treatment facility.


Chad Buccheri was charged with Possession of Stolen Property.  Matthew Noll was charged with Burglary of a Conveyance, Possession of Stolen Property, Providing a False Name, Violation of Probation, Loitering and Prowling and Possession of Alprazolam and Clonazepam without a prescription. 










Matthew Noll                Chad Buccheri

DOB: 7/28/92                DOB: 9/24/89

At Large                        Baltimore, MD