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Teens on crime spree charged with additional offenses

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Boca Raton, FL On November 23, the officer manager for the Institute for Human Performance (IHP), 1950 NW 2 Avenue, reported that on November 22, their Direct TV cables were pulled out of the wall and three floodlights were broken. The vandalism was caught on video. The video shows two white male juveniles pulling the cables and throwing rocks at the floodlights.

On December 2, a manager at ZED 451, 201 Plaza Real reported to police that on November 27 the cabinets of their exterior bar were broken into and several bottles of liquor were stolen. The manager waited to contact police until he had a copy of the video surveillance. The video shows three white male juveniles breaking into the cabinets.

Detectives watched the video from the ZED 451 burglary and recognized Lance Dankel and Theodore Vanderlaag as the burglars. On Friday, December 3, detectives spoke with Dankel. Dankel told detectives that he, along with Vanderlaag, Dylan Pawlak, and Dennis Downs committed the burglary. Dankel told officers they either consumed or gave away the stolen liquor. On December 6, detectives met with Vanderlaag, Pawlak, and Downs, all of whom confessed to their involvement in the crimes.

While investigating the burglary to ZED 451, detectives discovered Vanderlaag and Pawlak were the two juveniles who were caught on video vandalizing IHP. Vanderlaag and Pawlak confessed to their involvement in this crime as well.

Detectives charged Vanderlaag, Dankel, Pawlak, and Downs with burglary. Vanderlaag and Pawlak were also charged with criminal mischief.