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Two Boca Raton Officers Honored


Boca Raton, FL Two members of the Boca Raton Police Services Department were recognized for their actions at the 4th Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Luncheon /L.E.O. Awards sponsored by the Palm Beaches Chapter 254 of ASIS International.

Officer Jimmy Jalil, Jr., was awarded the 2011 Life Saving Award for a daring rescue on December 2, 2010. Officer Jalil responded to a reported rollover on I-95 in the city. Upon arrival Officer Jalil came upon an SUV engulfed in flames. Witnesses informed him there was a woman trapped in the car. That woman, Brianna Motley, was semi-conscious and unable to get out of the burning vehicle alone. Officer Jalil initially tried smashing out a window with his baton (asp), but due to the pressure from the fire inside, he was unable to break the glass. At that point, Officer Jalil ordered everyone back, removed his department issued handgun and fired one shot into the rear window, shattering it.

Officer Jalil was able to reach into the burning vehicle, lift Brianna above his head and over the top of the front seat. He then pulled her out of the window and carried her to a safe location for treatment.

Officer Jalil's in-car video of this dramatic event was broadcast throughout the country and was viewed around the world. His actions have been characterized as “heroic” from many different sources.

Sergeant Shannon Wendlick was awarded the 2011 Valor/Heroism Award for her bravery on the morning of July 8, 2010. While on patrol in a neighborhood near the Intracoastal, Sgt. Wendlick observed a suspicious vehicle lurking in the area. A records check of the tag revealed no wants or warrants, so Sergeant Wendlick watched the vehicle from a distance. Once she saw the car pulling into a driveway at 505 Spanish Trail, Sergeant Wendlick began to approach the vehicle. Before she was able to relay information to Communications, the driver, Robert Alveraz, suddenly backed up at a high rate of speed and attempted to hit her. As the vehicle was backing up, Sergeant Wendlick saw the passenger, Ramon Rosario, aim a handgun at her. Based on her training and experience, Sergeant Wendlick was able to immediately respond and fire several shots at the suspect, neutralizing the threat to her life. In an attempt to escape, Alvarez drove forward and crashed into a tree. Sergeant Wendlick was able to take both an injured Rosario and the rear passenger, Angel Machasdo, into custody while advising dispatchers and officers about the incident and the description of Alvarez who fled the scene.

During the subsequent investigation by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, detectives recovered the 9mm handgun that was aimed at Sergeant Wendlick, along with a Mossberg shotgun, masks, ammunition, and a 25 food piece of rope. Rosario and Muchado confessed to conspiring to commit a home invasion robbery.

Subsequently, the trio was arrested and charged with murders, robberies and other crimes that occurred throughout the County. The investigation revealed the suspects were well-armed and extremely dangerous. By her actions, Sergeant Wendlick not only saved her life, but she prevented the suspects from robbing and possibly killing Boca Raton residents.