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Support Services Bureau


Accident/Incident Reports $0.15 cents/page
Accident reports are available to the public, consistent with the Florida State Public Records Laws. Accident reports are available after 60 days to the public, and immediately upon completion for the parties involved. A request form will need to be completed and turned in to the Records Bureau.

DUI Videos $20.00
DUI videos are available for release

Fingerprinting $15.00
Fingerprinting is required for any involvement with children, ie recreation programs, teaching, and volunteering. Some employers require fingerprinting as part of the recruitment process. If you require fingerprinting, report to the Police Services Department at 100 NW 2nd Ave between the hours of 9 am and 11:30 am Tuesday thru Friday or Thursday evenings between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. You must bring your own fingerprinting card.

Local Background Checks $30.00
We are able to research any incidents related to a person or address within the City Limits. Data needed to do the search is a person's name and Date of Birth, or the address in question. Please fill out the Public Records Request form and turn it in to the Police Services Department, accompanied by a check for $30.00.

Missing/Found Animals - Free
The Department keeps a log of animals reported lost or found. Please call
338-1234 if you have found an animal, or are looking for a lost pet.

Photographic Prints (Color) $5.00 - 15.00
The price of photographic prints vary by size.
4x6 prints $5.00
5x7 prints $10.00
8x10 prints $15.00

Vehicle Inspection $4.00
Vehicle inspections for violation of FSS 316.610 are conducted at the Police Services Department. You do not need an appointment.

VIN Verifications $15.00
Vehicle Identification Numbers are verified at the Police Services Department for Insurance or Title purposes. You do not need an appointment for a VIN verification.

911 recording on CD-ROM $10.00
Copies of calls placed to the Communications Center can be released to the public. Any information identifying a caller to 911 will be deleted prior to release in accordance with Florida State Statutes. You may mail your request or drop it off in person at the Front Desk of the Police Services Department.