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Reclaimed Water
In-City Reclamation Irrigation System

Lisa Wilson-Davis
Operations and Environmental Compliance Manager
Phone: (561) 338-7310

As populations continue to grow, the demand for available water grows too. Yet the amount of water available today is no different than what could be found centuries ago. Demands have increased, but the water supply is unchanged. So, instead of wasting valuable drinking water to irrigate green spaces, many communities, like Boca Raton, have turned to reclaimed water, highly treated and disinfected wastewater, as a way to conserve water and still beautify green spaces.

IRIS water is "reclaimed" at the City's Glades Road Utility Services Complex. This award-winning secondary treatment facility uses a multi-stage treatment process, which continually monitors our reclaimed water quality to be certain that it meets strict state standards. Our facility is staffed 24 hours each day, seven days a week, with Class 1 reliability. Before leaving the plant, reclaimed water receives added filtration and disinfection. No IRIS water is allowed to leave the plant until it has been fully tested for safety and water quality.

We are proud of the water our plant produces, and the tremendous amount of conservation this program makes possible. reclaimed water offers an excellent way to beautify lawns and landscaping, but is not meant for drinking or bathing.

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